Institute of Global Affairs Announces Corporate Officers

Institute of Global Affairs Announces Corporate Officers

11357062_1760613427498535_4913322461803960055_o.jpgNew Brunswick, NJ – Edmund J. Janniger, a Polish American political strategist and politician, will become the 1st President and Chairman of the Institute of Global Affairs (IGA). Justin Schulberg will serve as the Executive Vice President; Zac Handler has been selected as Secretary-Treasurer.

Before assuming leadership of the IGA, Mr. Janniger served as Advisor to the Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Poland, Antoni Macierewicz. Earlier, he was the Deputy Campaign Manager for the Law and Justice (PiS) party in the10th District, and the Deputy Chief of Staff to PiS Vice President Macierewicz. Mr. Janniger is the Founding President of the Rutgers Council on Public and International Affairs, a student-run nonpartisan organization sponsored by the School of Public Affairs and Administration. He serves as a Rutgers University Senator, and is a Member of the Rutgers University Senate Executive Committee, elected and subsequently reelected to the position by the full Rutgers University Senate.

Justin Schulberg will become Executive Vice President of the IGA. A Presidential Scholar at Rutgers University, Mr. Schulberg is a Member of the Rutgers University Senate Executive Committee, a Rutgers University Senator, and the Senate Leader of the Rutgers University Student Assembly. As Vice President for Administration of the Rutgers University Interfraternity Council, Mr. Schulberg manages an annual budget of well over $25,000. He is active in national and international politics, having advised New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, PiS Vice President Antoni Macierewicz, and New Jersey Assemblywoman Donna Simon. Mr. Schulberg is a Research Assistant at the Aresty Research Center, and studies mathematics and political science at Rutgers University.

Zac Handler, who will assume the role of Secretary-Treasurer, is a physician and health policy expert. Dr. Handler has been a Congressional Fellow at the United States Congress, working with Representatives Charles Rangel and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. He has been on staff at the Korle-bu Hospital in Ghana, and was part of Project Medishare for Haiti. Dr. Handler earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology at the University of California, San Diego and a Doctor of Medicine at the University of Nebraska. He has completed training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center and the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine, and is currently a post-graduate medical student at Rutgers University.

About the Institute of Global Affairs

The Institute of Global Affairs (IGA) is a membership organization and think tank based in the New York metropolitan area. A New Jersey Nonprofit Corporation, the IGA is home to several centers and initiatives. Its mission is to improve understanding of the world by fostering dialogue on global affairs. The IGA also seeks to develop the next generation of decision-makers able to address pressing challenges.

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Justin Schulberg
Executive Vice President
Institute of Global Affairs 
contact@instituteofglobalaffairs; 973-936-8595

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